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Welcome To Greene Tom

Greene Tom provides friendly computer technical support and web design for family, friends, and associates.

Greene Tom is run by non other than Tom Greene from Leesburg, Florida. This is not the famous comedian and tv star once married to Drew Barrymore nor is he the famous flute maker.

Tom has a BA degree in Computer Science from Boston University and spent most of his 20+ year career in California working for Lockheed Martin as a software engineer. Tom has experience in Ada, C++, Java, Object Oriented Design, Requirements Design, System Engineering, Crypto Key Management, and many other areas in the computing field often found in the defense and aerospace industry. He has additional experience in web design, HTML, PHP, and Javascript.

Tom currently designs and manages several websites. Select any of the projects for a view at some of his work. Feel free to browse any of the web techniques available from the menu. He is always experimenting with new features. You are welcome to copy any techniques presented here and to offer suggestions on items to add.

If you are looking for any technical support or web design, please feel free to contact him.

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